After reading other posts about being underfucked, I sat down and honestly asked myself if I have ever experienced good sex. And I couldn’t remember. I don’t even know if I give good sex myself. I think I have been clueless all along. For me, sex has always been the going in and out of the penis. But I have caught myself wondering if the humping and thumbing is all there is to it. I’ve become bored with the act. I have been with my husband for 6 years and married for two and a half. I can’t really recall when I had sex that has me want to climb on top of drums and start singing about. Well maybe at the beginning when we were starting out and excited. I don’t even put the blame on him, I also don’t know what to do. There were times I told him that today I want freaky fucking where I look at him and I know I want to bed him right then and there. Other times I would want your smooth riding Sunday ballad type of love making, but that is far and in between.

My husband and I don’t stay together, so you’d think I would be longing for him when he comes, but no!I always wish I could run away. It is just a get it over and done with experience because I am the wife and where do I expect him to get it from if it’s not from me, most times I am too tired and he will insist on me giving him his rights. Just this past weekend I was working and only expected him on Sunday, but he showed up on Saturday evening. I arrived home dead tired and there he was all over me. First he’ll kiss me, then suck my breasts while taking his fingers down to my yoni, and then slide his hands up and down my body. I’d have to stop him and ask him to be gentler. It has gotten so predictable that I switch off and thus don’t get wet.  More often than not I end up with sore nipples, a sore yoni and the greatest yearning for good sex. My favourite position that gets me screaming like mad is when he comes from behind, that just gets me going (when I am lucky and we don’t have to struggle with the his penis slipping out. Most times we abandon it because we just can’t get it right. *sigh* Like I said, I am not entirely blameless in this because when I switch off, I just look at him and wait for him to finish.

Of late I have been yearning for a good fuck, where there are no commitments but just hot blazing sex that will leave me senseless, then I thank the guy and disappear. But where will I get it? I do agree that we need to all come to the party and see that we are not giving one another the attention we deserve and for men  to be taught that the penis is not a be all in itself. I think the realisation that I am underfucked has been simmering. I asked my girls why we have to drink cinnamon and honey, plain youghut and whatever so that we give joy to our husbands. Are we satisfied in the process? But what about them, what do they do? Do they talk about satisfying us when they are together? Do they ever think about anything besides I am erect and I have to ejaculate?

Last year I met some guy who got me all wet just from talking with him. Although things didn’t get out of control, thankfully, there is one feather light teaser kiss that he planted on my neck. Whenever I think of that kiss, my whole body does somersaults. You should see me trying to get my husband to go nearer my collarbone, in the hope that maybe just maybe I can get that same sensation and let my guard down.

I am in need of really good sex bathong. Both received and given.

Thank you for allowing me to rant.


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