I had known “guy” for 6 months before we started dating. Initially I thought he wasn’t my “type” but he persisted in wooing me and he was a nice guy, who gave good hugs and was a good kisser. We had spent several nights sharing a bed and he would hold me all night long, which I liked. I thought we’d have fantastic sex because we talked about it before we became sexual and I was about to have sex with a guy that I liked and I knew liked me too.

It didn’t turn out that way.

Firstly, he had a massive penis, like really big! I’m the type of sister who doesn’t want her organs rearranged by dick.

Secondly, I told him to take it slow, until my body adjusts to the size, but he didn’t heed my request. He would get super excited and just keep thrusting while I lay there. I figured out a way of using my legs to force him to move lower so that I won’t be subjected to pain. I also developed a move where I would have him coming in 3 mins – I could then get the cuddle that I valued.

Thirdly, we got to a stage where the physical contact always had to be accompanied by sex – each time he touched me he’d have a hard on and he thought I’d be impressed with the impact I’m having on him – then he’d want sex! He missed the point that I appreciated touch without sex which we did when we started the relationship.

Things started going south when I would say NO to the sex because I was just not into it with him any more. His touch had become a reminder of the obligation of sex. For both our sakes, I had to call time on this relationship.


Published by: Kagiso Msimango

Cheerleader & Liberator of Women Writer Speaker Mother Lactivist Personal Transformation and Development Coach Author of The Goddess Bootcamp, The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp

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