I’ve always been a sexual being, who also attracted friends who are just as sexual. We taught each other things like deep throating, how to make ourselves cum, etc. Everything on giving and receiving sexual pleasure. We never depended on guys to get us where we wanted to reach.  So whenever I had sex and the guy came before me, I would simply start pleasuring myself;  touching myself and playing with my clit right there in front of him.

Funny thing is some of them didn’t realise that I was finishing the job, and would assume that the show was for them. They’d get excited and say how sexy it was to watch me play with myself when the truth was I was underfucked and needed to finish the job. The smart ones would lend a hand, maybe go down on me and help me cum. Not many of those though 😦


Published by: Kagiso Msimango

Cheerleader & Liberator of Women Writer Speaker Mother Lactivist Personal Transformation and Development Coach Author of The Goddess Bootcamp, The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp

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