When I was around 17/18 I was visiting my cousin at university and she left me with two guys, who were happy to entertain me, while she went to hang out with her boyfriend. The conversation swayed towards our sexual encounters and one of the dudes asked me why I got a tongue stud. I was a virgin at the time, and all the stories I’d heard from girls was that it was painful and it sucked.
The guy asked to taste my tongue stud, and I let him. Much later that day, around midnight, i decided to go to the guy’s room with the intention of having sex. I felt pressure to lose my virginity, as the only virgin in my circle of friends. There was a lot of cuddling and talking, and the kissing. Nothing was rushed, just sweet, deep, juicy kisses and touches. My breasts felt alive, for a lack of a better way to explain it. As soon as my panties were off, I received the best yoni smooch ever. I’d read about muffing in my days of reading Cosmopolitan, but nothing prepared me for how good it felt. There was no rush, no clumsiness. I laid there thinking if this is how sex is supposed to be, I want more!
He slipped on the condom and gave me a second to breathe. Then there was the grand entrance. I knew what a masturbation climax felt like, but this,  my first viganla climax from penetration, was amazing. My mastubation sessions were basically on the surface and for the first time I felt my vaginal wall tingle with pleasure. I came first and quickly.
When he was done, he rolled over and asked me if this was my first time having sex and I said yes.
No further questions were asked.
I know it’s not fair to compare others, but this guy set a very high standard. Ten years later and so far, no one hasn’t gotten it right like that.
My current partner is the closest to have almost gotten there…
He’s really really almost there shame!
But in Tamia’s words; “Everybody knows, almost doesn’t count.”

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